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I am in the race going to my Father, no more turning back. I am in the race for victory. 

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Leave the dead past bury their dead!

Act in the present time, in your day,

according to the present 

revelation of God. The dead past are dormant and still; they are motionless and still. They only speak of the past, preach the past, hail the past, and formulate traditions from the past. But the living are lively, progressively, gaining new grounds and new things all the time. They believe in divine revelation of God's Word today.

Welcome Home! Feel at home sharing your heart with the Spoken Word Family! It is quite a happy family too -- you know -- always at the Lord's table, feasting on the present day truth -- the manna from above today!


Shout: "A-a-a-amen!" as you join us at the special Christmas luncheon. You have never seen the like! This is where spiritual food, served hot and steaming, take away! 

No leftovers here! No carryovers here! No carrions too, from the past dead generations, at this Forum Table. No fossil bread here! -- a decomposing carcass in several stages of rot, in the name of a religious fare or entertainment. Here, we don't entertain people but we mean business... real eating and drinking! Not religious snacks, please! Leave religious snacks for children who have not grown teeth yet, instead go for solid meals... make your order right away, and our waiters will be at hand for you, so handy too!


We have decided, and we won't pack down, to leave the dead past for the dead! Step on board and let's ride together, if you love present day truth... please have a ride with us...

Here, we incline our ears to what the Holy Spirit is speaking today; Here, we leave the dead past to bury their dead! Here, we act in the present tense, listening to the prophetic voice of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Yes, here, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

At this table, we are not just satisfied with the God of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob; not just the God of Moses, Joshua, Samuel and David; not just the God of Elijah, Elisha and the Prophets; neither the God of John the Baptist, of Peter, and of the apostles; nor the God of Luther, Wesley and of William Branham... 

But we are happy to meet and commune with our God, the living God, the God of today, the God who is present with us; the I AM of all ages! He is here with us. So, most welcome to meet our God, and may He also be called yours as you open your heart for him to enter in you.

Not the God afar off. Not the God in heaven beyond the starry sky, where your voice can hardly reach, but the God at hand! The God with us! The Immanuel! God on two feet!

Hallelujah...! Praise the Lord!

Shout: "A-a-a-men!" With a beaming smile as you move closer! It is self service, please. And don't forget... here, we eat and talk... and our talk is mainly centred on what we are eating. Oh, it is the living bread! Wine on lees well refined too. You can't help but talk about it as you sup, supping with Jesus! It makes the lips of those who are asleep to move, speaking softly about the sweet wine... new and strong... The present revelation of Jesus Christ!

Happy with us? I have said, "Leave the dead to do what...?"

Oh, you are too forgetful! 

"Oh, no! The dainties at this table takes one's thoughts away from everything, that is the matter with us... repeat your question, please; as we incline our ear..."

"Oh, is it, then that is wonderful! If the body and blood of Jesus makes you forget your mother's teat, how cute you must be then!"

"Well, who is my mother, whose teat I forgot, and whom I cast at my back as I arrived at this evening Christmas luncheon?"

"Knowest thou not the name of your mother, former of course...? It is marvelous then..."

"I have said, the dainties at the smiling table makes you forget all, even your surname too...!"

"Oh, is it? More marvels! Three are the-must-be-forgotten things. at this table... they are: your former mother, one, and her teat, two, and your surname, three; of course, that is what she named you at your birth, a night! What a-witch-of-a-thing she brought forth! knitted to the things of the world like the bark on the tree. Of course the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it must be!"

"Please, interpret the riddle, for sure, all at table are daydreaming!"

"Is it? Then what will ye give me... a coin of silver, of gold, or a wreathe of diamonds...?  What a cheat! Away with such corrupting riches! But give me the testimony of Jesus Christ from your very hearts, not a historical Jesus learned in schools of theology, not a catholic Jesus or of the Protestant Churches, or  of the Pentecostal Churches, or of the old buttered cakes from the Ohio Prophet... Oh, you are too forgetful! I said, 'Let the dead...?"

First answer: "Let the dead remember their dead!"

"Uh! Whose answer is that! Shall the dreams of the dead never have an end...!"

But it is well said, "Let the dead, remember their dead!" But the living to remember the living God speaking today! For you, who claim to be alive, act in the present time then! Be fruitful in your season! Walk with the living God. Here His voice today, and harken too! Not keeping company with the dead past, holding memorial after memorial, but keep company with the present eternal, unchanging God! Praise the Lord!"

Act in the present tense, and don't be like dumb cows driven too and fro with every religious whim from the pit! Live in the present day! Those who live in the past are called by the men of mythology, African theology, as the living dead... My! what a paradox! The living dead? Are you sure...? of course, not just Africans, but so many Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal traditionists teach such bizarre doctrines of 'holy saint so and so, our patron and defender... the messenger with the message of the hour from the dead... the living dead?"

"My! What of the dead living! Sure enough! If your messenger is the living dead... then what are you, who are his followers? Invert it! The dead living! Dead while living!"

"Arise from the dead, oh ye 'dead living' and Christ will shine in you his light, the light of his coming, for the Sun of righteousness is already above our horizon! It is already day time... the day of the Lord is here... It has ambushed you, for so promised the scripture... Sure, the day star is above your head!

"What is that I am hearing, please! You religious men, whose religion hinges to the dead past, ever turning about in your beds of the dead like a door on its hinges... You are still snoring in your blanket, blanketed with useless religious notions of every kind, springing from the mire of hell, mournfully muttered to you by  your living-dead-messengers, for you are the dead living ones! Is it?... I hear you mutter, from among the dead, of course, concerning Father so and so said:

'The days of miracles are past... o...o... the days of prophets are over... hmm... the days of revelation are done gone forever... uh... yea... the days of God speaking His Word as 'thus saith the Lord' are a past tense... Yea, and there are no more mysteries in the Bible to be revealed... our living dead prophet revealed all mysteries, including the seventh seal and the seven thunders, the second coming of Jesus and his new name; he cleared all, including the trumpets, the vials and the cup of God's indignation... He also revealed the day of the Lord, making us to know when, how and where Jesus comes, and what he will do when he comes. He fulfilled all the promises of God, for he was the last prophet! No more prophets after our living dead Father!'"

"There you are, among the living dead, like a witch, muttering things out of darkness! Our God is I AM! He is present with us, speaking, acting, revealing... Revelation has no end! In eternity, we shall still feast on the sweet meals and drinks of the revelation of our God. He is eternal, how could your living dead messenger exhaust, oh ye blind guides! The scripture does not say the seventh angel reveals all mysteries...! Why daydream! Awake from the dead! I have said, 'Let the dead...?'"

Second answer: "Let the dead garnish the tombs of their dead!"

"Wonderfully said! Leave old wine for the dead! Yes, sweeter, but dead too...! old sweet grandpa's stories about the dead past... of course, they are harmless too, sweet enough not to hurt even a fly, leave alone a devil in a suit in a modern Laodicean church, muttering all kinds of nonsenses from the world of the dead... 

'No more Pentecostal experiences, no more Holy Spirit experiences, we receive the Holy Spirit silently! Read COD, it is written there! The prophet said that we have gone beyond Pentecost, so no more speaking in tongues, no more prophecy, no more visions, no more divine revelations... aha-ha... we are the seed word, dry as we can be...! We worship in cold weather, right in Siberia marque! 

No more rejoicing in the Spirit! No more shouting in the Spirit! No more prophetic utterances! Of course, them days are done! Haha-a--- Malachi 4 was the end of all that stuff, son...! Praise the Lord. He revealed ALL mysteries of God plump into eternity...!"

"Go on, thou man among the living dead, for you are the dead living, with your sweet, old dead wine... your life proves you are dead! For you have never forgotten your mother's teat; you have never been weaned from the World, for that is your mother per se... Of course your old dead sweet wine cannot harm your mum... quite dear to you too! You love her riches; you treasure her money; you dive deep into her pleasures, eating sumptuously every day... that is why you hate the present day wine, too strong for your soft Laodicean stomachs? 

"Hear what the scripture says:

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Rev 10:7  

"The Mystery... singular! Not plural as ye absentmindedly quote, just like those who say, 'the Bible says that God helps those who help themselves...' So you also quote that verse out of context. The Mystery! Singular! Not... 'ALL MYSTERIES... 

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Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: Hebrews 3:7-8

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