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Halfway through, the pains became unbearably sharp; she almost stopped, but she held her stomach with her hands and pressed on slowly. Then it happened! A sweet voice struck her ears! Unbelievable yet true! The voice of Brother Branham clearly singing a song in her ears! She listened again; yes, it was not coming from some source in the neighborhood but was within her very ears. And oh, it was sweet! He was singing:

We're marching to Zion,

Beautiful, beautiful Zion;

We're marching upward to Zion,

The beautiful city of God.

Oh, she stopped, pulled out her smartphone and dialed in the search box the first line of the song; there it was! She joined Brother Branham and together they sung as she made her way to the stage. She picked the parcel without mentioning anything about it to the sisters and started back home still singing.

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Little Nanda walks out of their home on a hungry stomach as usual; stops a little to rest by the wayside, prays himself into sleep crying for food, and dreams of celebrating a new Christmas Day that the world knows nothing about. Soon the dream is fulfilled ushering in the fulfilment of all his dreams more than he ever imagined.

Heaven is thrown into a dancing spree, celebrating Nanda’s Day: celebrations that had never been witnessed since her foundation. What a day, what an hour that arrives ambushing all! The morning breaks upon all with a broad smile. Heaven and earth unite never to part again… By a whisper, a tender touch, a holy kiss, an embrace from the Father of lights, all are thrown into the blossoms of joys unknown till then. The long-awaited marriage ceremony had come…

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Joshua in Hebrew is Jesus in Greek! That is the man whom Branham was forerunning, simple and clear! He pointed us to the man whom He was forerunning! Joshua means Jehovah-saviour and that is no one else but Jesus Christ! It’s nearing the time to be given Joshua, in Hebrew, means Saviour, and represents the promised end-time leader to take the Church over.

Now, by whose ministry did the Old Testament church cross Jordan? The Joshua who took over from Moses was only a shadow of the true Joshua! So, as Joshua who took over from Moses led the church across Jordan, we had finally a true Joshua who led the whole Old Testament church of true believers across the real Jordan! Who was that man? Do you know his name? Do you know his father's name? The man who opened the way for the whole Old Testament church, as a pure church of believers, without even one Achan among them, across the true Jordan, who was he? Can you name him?

Oh, please! Has it escaped your mind? He is there before your very eyes! He is the man whom John the Baptism foreran!!! That is the Joshua by whom all the true believers of the Old Testament church crossed Jordan. Are you wondering where He did it? Please, enlarge your heart in the scriptures!

Matthew 27:50-53

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

By his death on the cross, Jordan, which is the river of death was parted into two, and by that a way was made by which the saints passed over into the promised land, the true promised land which Abraham sought after!

Psalm 24:7-10

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

It is Joshua (Jesus) who overcame death and opened the way for the resurrection of the Old Testament church; He is the same one who comes after the second forerunner to open the way through Jordan again, for the New Testament church to pass over. Joshua is simply Jehovah-saviour who is Jesus Christ! Simple and clear! Every promise has a scripture behind it, so even this one has it.

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1. Now I want us to realize every scripture must needs be fulfilled. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! We are not saying that passively or rhetorically, but that is the practical reality of God’s Word. Every scripture must needs be fulfilled! There is no enough unbelief that will ever stop any scripture or any promise from God from being fulfilled. There are no enough devils, infidels, religious spirits, politicians and anything enough that can stop the scripture and prophecies, which were spoken as the Holy Ghost moved upon holy men, from being fulfilled. There is nothing! Every scripture must need be fulfilled, and every prophecy that God has put down in written or spoken word must be fulfilled.

2. I want you to get it. There is nothing to hinder the scriptures from being fulfilled. That is one thing I want us to call our attention to. There is nothing anywhere that is going to hinder God’s scriptures from being fulfilled exactly on the dot! See? Think of that, and I want to go slowly over it. Every scripture that is recorded in the Bible and every prophecy that God has ever spoken, must need be fulfilled.

3. And we are not going just to talk about it, look at it, joke around and go away as though these things are not coming to take place. It must need come to pass! Whatever God has said in His Word, and told us that it will happen; then there is no need of gambling around it. See! God is going to fulfill it. It must be fulfilled! Whether you like it or not, the prophecy must come to pass, and the word must be fulfilled! And God’s intention must be achieved.

4. Another thing I want you to hold on is that God’s Elect must fulfill the scripture of their Day. See! There is no one time that God’s Elect have ever failed to fulfill the scriptures of their Day. The churches may fail, the systems may fail, people may fail, preachers may fail, denominations may fail, organizations may fail and surely everything will fail; but remember God’s elect in every age have never failed to fulfill the scriptures of their day. There is no record in the Bible for such a happening.

5. Go back to Noah’s time. The elect in Noah’s day never missed fulfilling their scripture – They fulfilled it to the dot! According to the requirement of God for that hour, the elect were not short of fulfilling that scripture.

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Where Are Your Sins?



Make me to know my transgression and my sin.”—JOB 13: 22

Cleanse me from my sin.”—PSALM 51: 2

The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin.”—1 JOHN 1: 7.

Christ Jesus, whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation, through faith in His blood.”—ROM. 3: 25.


The question which forms the title of this tract ought to stir up many thoughts in your heart. It concerns every man and woman born into the world. You ought never to rest till you can give it a satisfactory answer.—“WHERE ARE YOUR SINS?”

I ask you this day to look this question in the face. I ask you to give me your attention for a few minutes, while I try to enforce it on your conscience. A time draws nigh when the question must be answered. The hour cometh when all other questions shall seem like a drop of water in comparison with this. We shall not say, “Where is my money?”—or, “Where are my lands?”—or, “Where is my property?” Our only thought will be, “My sins! my sins!—Where are my sins?”

Reader, I am going to offer you a few remarks, which may help to throw light on the mighty question which is before your eyes. My heart’s desire and prayer to God is this, that this tract may be greatly useful to your soul. I entreat you to give it fair reading. Do not put it in the fire; do not tear it in pieces. Read it: read it! Read it to the end! Who can tell but the Holy Ghost may employ this tract for the saving of your soul…

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Scriptural end-time signs

Nah 2:3-4 The shield of his mighty men is made red, the valiant men are in scarlet: the chariots shall be with flaming torches in the day of his preparation, and the fir trees shall be terribly shaken. The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.

Look at the scripture above again, read it closely, for it is a prophecy concerning the last days. Let us go over it with you. Nahum says, “the chariots (vehicles) shall be with flaming torches (head-lamps) in the day of his preparation (when the Lord is preparing to come again to judge the world)”. Of course, we all know that the means of transport in Nahum’s days was by the chariots, but those old chariots had no flaming torches! They did not have any headlamps! But Nahum being a prophet of the Word, looked into the future and saw the modern-day chariots having headlamps, of course, those are vehicles! The appearance of vehicles (chariots with torches) on earth is therefore a clear landmark of the end time. In such a generation, the Lord will be preparing to descend for judgment.

Nahum goes ahead to describe these chariots thus: “The chariots shall rage in the streets…” That is racing noisily through streets as we see it clearly in our modern-day streets, how they are crowded with all kinds of vehicles racing about noisily. That appeared to the prophet as a messy affair, thus he said they will be raging… moving in a furious, bold manner as they pass over each, with noise from their exhaust pipes; to Nahum it looked so dangerous! Raging through the streets! This also depicts the noise from the engines. The chariots of Nahum’s day had no engines, therefore they never produced any noise … but today’s chariots rage through the streets.

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