The 1993 Revival


A sermon preached at the onset of the Holy Spirit Revival that swept upon evangelical churches in early 1990s

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Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:21 

What is the Holy Ghost? He is the only chosen place of worship! That is what it is. Outside the Holy Spirit, you are worshipping something else but not the living God!

It is the place where all saints worship Elohim. Without being in that Place you aren’t worshipping God yet. You only begin to worship as you enter into that Place... The Holy Ghost Place!


That is to server the Lord in

- Praising Him

- Thanking Him

- Praying, hearing the Word and believing It

- Fasting and supplicating

- Repenting and walking in the Spoken Word way today.

- Visiting the afflicted saints and comforting the sorrowful ones

- Attending to the hungry and the sick

- Waiting upon the Lord in prayer

- Exhorting, ministering the Word

- Testifying

- Meditating on the Word

- Acting upon the Word in daily life

- Being convinced then concerned

- Supporting the course of the Gospel with your strength, your offerings, etc.

It is praising the Lord ---

  • For all that He has done for you. For all that He has done for others, who are your brothers and sisters in Faith.

  • For the Grace that He avails for you in the way of Salvation.

  • For the Mercies which endure forever.

  • For His care upon you in your pilgrimage

  • Yea, praise Him Who forgiveth all your sins, and healeth all your diseases.

It is thanksgiving ---

  • Being grateful in your heart for what He does for you daily.

  • Being thankful for what He is unto you as a Christian.

  • And in so doing, availing yourself to be used of Him according to His Will.

  • Rejoicing before Him for the joy of His Salvation.

  • Offering yourself unto Him as a thanksgiving offering so that He can use you as He wills.

It is praying in the Holy Ghost ---

  • The commonest way of worship for many. It involves pouring out your soul unto Him who is your everything. As you pray, you seek diligently for His Will, ready to perform.

  • As you pray, you wait upon His Promises which cannot fail.

  • As you, you maintain your faith in Him who cannot fail.

  • As you pray, you strengthen your trust in Him who stands by His Promises.

  • As you pray you assure yourself about His Promises which endure forever.

  • As you pray, you meditate upon His good Word which never fails.

  • As you pray, you mount up with wings of the Spirit as an eagle, receiving His blessed Assurance of Hope set before us.

  • As you pray, you humble yourself before His Feet to receive Mercy during the time of need.

  • As you pray, you approach the Throne of Grace for help in time of need.

  • As you pray, you nurse strength from His Word as you come into His Presence.

  • As you pray, you seek His Blessed Face to shine upon you to quicken you in Him.

  • As you pray, you commit all your cares unto Him who has already borne them for you upon the cross.

Yes, Jesus is the One, the only One;

Let Him have His way until the day is done,

When He speaks you the clouds will have to go

Because He loves you so

It is believing the Word ---

  • As you come to worship, you do so believing all the Word of Elohim from Genesis to Revelation.

  • And that every man’s word is a lie, and His only is the Truth.

  • You believe in the Promise of YHWH concerning your day as it is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

  • You believe all His Promises as “Yea and Amen.”

  • You search diligently for His Word, which He has promised to be fulfilled in your day.

  • You hear, believe and act upon what He commands you to do by His Word.

  • For Faith comes by hearing, and that is hearing the Word being preached in your day by the Holy Spirit. For where the Word is, is where He is; and where He is, is the Chosen Place of Worship.

  • The Word of Life is the Bread of Life in the House of Worship. We commune on that Word as we worship our El.

  • In believing you establish your anchor in Him alone; that which entereth within the Veil − sure and steadfast.

  • You come believing on Jesus, the Son of Elohim, who died to set you free from your sins. He is the Sacrifice through which sins are forgiven.

  • Believe on His Word so you be established; believe on His messengers so you will prosper. Come believing. Amen.

It is fasting and Supplicating ---

  • Yes, we fast so as to supplicate.

  • We fast so as to break our heart to become suppliants.

  • By fasting, the heart softens and the soul can be poured before Him.

  • By fasting, we are humbled, abased, and we can easily give way to the Word.

  • By fasting, we break our hearts out of pride and boast, so that we may be sincere and honest.

  • As we fast, we get soft enough in our hearts to entreat, to plead, to call earnestly upon His Name.

  • By fasting, our souls are afflicted, then we embrace a state of being so needy; we realise our poverty, our entire dependence on Him.

  • Then the Holy Spirit takes over and we pour our souls unto Him. That is supplicating: When the soul is poured unto Elohim as a drink offering.

It is repenting ---

  • As we come before Him, to worship Him, the first things that strike our heart is our unworthiness. We realise we have been sinners. We realise how we are not faithful to Him. We realise how we are stained by the world. We stand before Him condemned!

  • Oh, then we cry for Mercy; we plead for help; we entreat for forgiveness. We accept and confess sincerely that we have been sinners. We own our sins, and sincerely repent; for He is faithful to forgive us.

  • Yea, we leave our gifts at the altar and return by the way we have walked repenting along the way; and amending all that we have damaged.

  • We repent concerning our carelessness, our slothfulness, our world tendencies, our foul speech along the way, our unbelief in His Word; our mistrust of His Promises, our weakness engaged in battle.

  • Yes, we repent all about our miscarriages concerning our daily duties, as Christians; our backslidings, our failures, etc.

  • We repent sorely concerning how we do and act contrary to the Word; breaking of His Commandments, trespassing our brothers and our neighbours. We repent our transgressions, seeking forgiveness of our sins. We plead for Mercy.

  • We repent of how we have not followed His Will in everything; how we have pursued our own lusts instead of His Will. How we have gone after the Will of the flesh instead of the Will of Elohim. We repent with all our hearts. Yes, I repent.

  • I repent of having misused His temple, which is this body of flesh, of having defiled it a many times, of having wearied it with all burdens of sin, of having given it to thieves and robbers. I repent of having allowed evil spirits to misused His temple; of allowing their influence within me; of allowing their filthiness to go through it. I repent.

  • I repent of the evil thoughts which I have allowed my mind to wonder through; of filthy thoughts that have worked through my mind: how unclean! But I repent of all that and seek diligently for Mercy.

  • I repent and seek to be sanctified, to be purged, to be cleansed; to be washed by the water of washing by the Word. Yes, I repent.

  • I repent to come out of the world completely, and to separate myself completely from mammon. No more to covet the riches of mammon, no more to desire mammon’s things. No more to waste myself thinking about what I shall eat, drink or put on. Yes, in all these things, I repent.

It is visiting the Afflicted ---

  • The afflicted in soul, the poor in spirit, the afflicted in body; you visit, giving them words of courage and comfort: to strengthen the feeble, to encourage the weak and fainting. You visit them all, in season and out of season.

  • To the afflicted show mercy, for blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. Those who have shown mercy shall Mercy during the Day of Judgement. Let us show Mercy unto all who are around us as we worship our Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is comforting the sorrowful ---

  • The only true way of comforting a Christian is to point him to the sweetest Promises of Elohim, and cultivating a sweet atmosphere of the Holy Spirit; for it is the Holy Spirit who truly comforts.

  • The true comfort that we receive is in His holy Promises, that which is our Refuge. Let those who suffer commit themselves unto the Saviour who comforts us with His true Promises.

  • Comfort ye, comfort ye all those that come by you through the Truth. Speak comfortably unto those that desire comfort. Speak the Word of Truth. Lead them unto the Holy Spirit: Let them receive the comforting Spirit of Elohim.

It is attending to the Hungry...

  • Both the hungry in heart and in body need your attention. Look out unto them and provide for their needs. Some need a cup of cold water from thee − give them. Others seek for bread from thee − supply to them freely and withhold not.

  • Others are hungry and thirsty spiritually. They seek for the Bread of Life and Water of Life. Open thy heart unto them and fill them with all they need. Care for all who need your care, those who are oppressed, those who are persecuted, those who are burdened, they need you to relieve them.

  • Relieve them as you speak a word in season.

  • Relieve them as you provide for their needs.

  • Relieve them as you pray for them.

  • And relief them as you visit them to share with them concerning what they go through.

It is waiting upon the Lord in Prayer ---

  • Blessed are ye who wait upon the Lord, for ye shall be strengthened. Ye shall mount up with wings as an eagle; ye shall run and not be weary; ye shall walk and not faint; for the Lord shall renew your strength as an eagle; and shall strengthened your faith. Therefore, spend time waiting upon the Lord.

  • With Faith wait upon Him;

  • In Love wait upon Him;

  • With Truth wait upon Him;

  • Upon the Promise wait upon Him;

  • Holding upon the Word wait upon Him

  • For He has promised us strength when we wait on Him. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength. He shall rejoice our hearts and we shall be strong then.

  • Be strong in the Lord and seek to be strengthened by His Might; and as you are strengthened and also strengthen the weak brother. Strengthen them by the Word, by encouragement, by praying for them, by talking to them, by speaking the Word unto them. The Joy of YHWH is for our strength.

  • We rejoice in His Favours

  • We rejoice in His Mercies

  • We rejoice in His Goodness

  • We rejoice in His Salvation.

  • Let us rejoice always in the Lord our Elohim, for He is good and His Mercies endure for ever. Amen.

  • Wait in prayer, wait in supplication; wait in earnest cry, pleading for mercy; wait as you call on His precious, dear Name. Yea, wait ye upon the Lord.

  • Exhorting, Ministering

  • Ministering the Word of Life;

  • Ministering the Word of Promise;

  • Ministering the Word of Faith;

  • Ministering the Word of El

  • Exhort all to keep that Word;

  • Strengthen them to uphold it;

  • Exhort them to love the Word;

  • Urge them to anchor their souls in the Word.

  • For the Word of Elohim is Yea and Amen;

  • The Word of Elohim is for ever established in Heaven;

  • Heaven and earth shall pass away but the Word shall remain for ever and ever. Amen.

  • Exhort them to believe only in the Word;

  • To hold on the Word by the hand of Faith;

  • To seek for more of It daily;

  • To desire It above our daily meat;

  • To long for It more than they who long for earthly comfort;

  • To seek for It more than those who seek for earthly treasures.

  • Awaken them! Stir them up; let them be inspired, stimulated to receive the Word of Elohim whole heartedly; for it is strength to their marrows, and long life unto their souls.

It is testifying always ---

  • Defer not but do it! Again and again; speak about His goodness, His Faithfulness, His Kindness, His Mercies − unto many or few speak out. “For where two or three are gathered together, I am in their midst.”

  • Has He not done some good thing for thee?

  • Has He not saved thee from wrath?

  • Has He not delivered thee from the destroyer?

  • Has He not equipped you with rich blessings?

  • Then speak out to all about it. Tell it to the large congregation. Magnify the Lord in all your ways and speak about His wondrous Name.

  • Meditating on the Word

  • In the cool of the evening,

  • In the silent night;

  • In the solemn assembly;

  • In the morning watch;

  • Retire somewhere and quietly allow thy soul to nurse strength , and thy soul to partake of His Fatlings. Incline your ear, attentively open your heart, let the Word of Elohim come flowing in. Eat, drink, sup and wait for more.

  • Spare sometimes always, all the time; every day, every hour spare it! Do not be mean, do not be selfish in giving your time to meditate quietly upon the Word of Elohim.

  • Read all you find that richly speaks of Him;

  • Hear all you can that speaks about Him;

  • Receive all you can that projects from Him;

  • Surrender all your self upon that quick Word and thou shall discover great things for thyself alone.

It is acting upon the Spoken Word Today ---

  • Do not be lazy. Be not one that doubts. Be a hero in the strife. Hear the Word and arise; arise and be doing it. He bids you to arise and stand for Truth. Act in time!

  • Have you not heard?

  • Have you not received?

  • Have you not believed?

  • Have you not been awakened?

  • Therefore, arise! Arise from slumber, from laziness, from slothfulness, from unbelief, from doubts, from flesh and blood; yes, arise and be doing it!

  • Has not the Word bidden thee to do it?

  • Has not the Word opened for thee a way?

  • Has not the Word directed thy feet in His paths?

  • Has not the Word revealed His Will unto thee?

  • Has not the Word shined His Light for thy feet?

  • Then be persuaded, be convinced, and arise; act upon that Word by Faith, by Love, by Strength, by Obedience.

  • Do not fear, for He has spoken to you to act. See, He has said, Arise and be doing. Act to fulfil the Word in your life; act to serve YHWH with all your heart; act to receive His Promise; act to overcome the evil one; act to place the Word in position against the evil day. Yes, act on the Word timely.

  • Is it salvation? Receive it!

  • Is it the Holy Spirit? Receive it!

  • Is it Sanctification? Go through!

  • Is it Perfection? Walk before Him!

  • Is it healing? Believe!

  • Is it serving? Be faithful!

  • Is it caring? Show mercy!

  • Is it working? Be temperate!

  • Is it helping? Be earnest!

Be doing something as you wait for His Word of Promise to be fulfilled.

Do all these things and more in the place chosen by Him for Worship.

Once In This Place, Then ………