The Seed shall not be heir with the Shuck

What is the Seed which shall not be heir with the Shuck?

The Spoken Word is the Original Seed which shall not be heir with the Shuck!

Isaac was the true seed of Abraham and Ishmael being a bond woman's child could not inherit with him. This was an allegory speaking about God's own seed and the shuck that precedes it. For before Isaac was born, Ishmael had already been born. Ishmael being the shuck while Isaac being the seed. And you know very well that before a seed forms first their is the shuck (ear), and the ear, when it still young, looks so much like the seed that it may be confused with the seed. But when the true seed begins to mature, the shuck bursts and pulls away, drying up.

So did Ishmael look so much as the seed of Abraham before Isaac was manifested. Ishmael, the child of the law, took the place of the seed of Abraham before the true seed arrived. The same way Cain took the place of Abel, for Abel was the true seed of Adam while Cain was the shuck that preceded him. Same thing with Esau and Jacob. Esau being the shuck was born first, then Jacob followed behind.

All these allegories point to Christ the Spoken Word of God. He is the true Seed of God, but before he is manifested, a shuck precedes him. As Ishmael preceded Isaac, and Esau preceded Jacob, so also there is that which precedes Christ the true seed of God.

God sowed His Seed during the dispensation of Genesis. The Seed germinated during Genesis, putting on a shoot and a root. The shoot pushes out of the ground as the root sinks into the ground. Out of the shoot grows into the blade which matures into a stalk during the Old Testament. Then during the New Testament, the crop flowers putting on a tassel that holds the pollen and the shuck to receive the pollen. So, the New Testament Church, being Pentecostal in its origin, is the shuck that looks so much like the seed yet it is not.

For in Genesis, the fathers labored with God who is the true Father. The fathers were only fellow labourers with God, but we find that they finally took the place of God in the minds of religious men, so much so that Abraham is held more as the father of the saints than the heavenly father. He is called Father Abraham. Yet Abraham was only a figure, a sign, pointing to the true sower of the seed, even God who the true Father. Besides Him there is no other father. For the scripture says, "Call no man on earth Father, for you have one Father who is in heaven. So, Abraham is not the father of the saints.

Yes, many times types takes the place of the real thing so much so that when the real thing is revealed it is rejected. So, the shuck has always taken the place of the real seed, and the real seed who is Christ is always rejected.

In the Old Testament Moses gave Israel the law being only a shuck, for it bears bondmen, not the true seed, but when the true seed was manifested, who is the Spoken Word, the shuck rejected him and stuck to Moses (the law of mount Sinai).

Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple; but we are Moses' disciples. We know that God spake unto Moses: as for this fellow, we know not from whence he isJohn 9:28 

See how it is clear. Moses was a type of the Messiah. He gave Israel not that bread from heaven but manna which typed the law. So, the law was not the Spoken Word of God, but only pointed to the Word. And the same was a husk that had to precede the seed. But when the Seed arrived, Israel holding on the husk, rejected the Seed of life.

For Christ was the true bread which came down from heaven; the true Messiah, the true Passover lamb, while Moses and the prophets were only the types of Christ. They were not that Seed, but were only carriers of the life that would finally windup in the Seed. They were only heralds of the Seed. They were pointing all to the Word which God will bring into the world. They were not that Word, but only carriers of the life of the Word. Even Moses preached pointing to that final Prophet who is the Word of God. Yes, even John the Baptist, he was not that Word, but only forerunner of the Word. After him came one who was mightier than all, he was the true Spoken Word, the true Seed, not Seed of Abraham, but the Seed of God! For God is the true Abraham, the Father of multitudes. But the deceived church took them for the Seed.

David also, was only a carrier of life, and kept pointing a head to one who was to come, even Christ the true Seed, not seed of David, not son of David, but the Seed of God! Abraham's seed was Isaac, and both were types of God Himself as the Father and His Son Jesus Christ as Seed. So, also, David was only a type of the Father, and Solomon was only a type of the true Seed of God, even Jesus Christ. But religions always builds their house on the types and fights against the reality when it is revealed.

So, the men of God of Genesis were only the shoot that came out of the Seed that God sowed, and were only carriers of life during their dispensation. And the Old Testament men of God were the stalk that formed out of the blade of Genesis. At best, they were carriers of life, they were not that seed, but holders of the life that had poured out of the seed. They were not the Seed of God, but were only servants working in the field where the Word had been sown.

Then out of the Old Testament stalk came the New Testament tassel and shuck, the Pentecostal Church born on the day of Pentecost... with a lot of gifts (pollen grains) scattering about. And the shuck grew and matured looking almost like the seed which went into the ground. The New Testament sons looked so much like the real Seed, the Spoken Word, that they have become a hard veil on the Gentile Church. They don't see any other promise beyond the New Testament. They take the New Testament men of God to be the real sons of the Word, but the scriptures say otherwise:

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Rom 8:19-21 

Very clear! The creature has been travailing throughout the all ages past, including the New Testament times, looking forward to see the sons of God. The sons of the Word that God sowed in the beginning. The shucks of the New Testament has not answered to the cry of the creature! Why? The New Testament raises adopted sons, not the real sons of the Word!

Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will... Eph 1:5

Adoption means legally taking over the rising of a child who is not your biological child. So, by redemption through Christ, God elects from the Gentiles some children whom He adopts. Your own child you don't choose him. He is with you and in you from the onset. As much as you have been, so has he always been in you! Those who were chosen in Christ, were placed in him from the foundation of the world. That means they were not always in him. For in that they were called, it means they came from outside. You don't choose, call, select, or elect your own child. Those kinds of terms addresses those who are to be adopted. Your child is your own seed, and has always been part of you! So, God's children have always been with Him as part of Him, for they are His seed, and they could not called, chosen, elected or selected, but are just begotten from the Seed which has always been in the bosom of the Father.

The New Testament adopted sons had to be child-trained to acquire the image of Christ, but the real Seed does not need any child-training. Who ever trains a lamb to be a sheep? Nothing! He is born a sheep and grows up as one and needs no training! A dog may be trained to act like sheep, but a sheep needs no training to act as one. No! He is a sheep to begin with! So, is a real son of God, born from the Word; they don't need any training by teaching to acquire the image of the Word! They are the very Word of God to begin with. Who taught Christ to be like God? Nobody! He just grew up in God, manifesting the image of God from within. All who truly are born of God, from the life of the Original Seed, don't need any teaching or training to be in the image of God. They are the image of God to begin with. Those are the true sons of God, sons of the Word!

Hallelujah! Behold, the dispensation of the sons of the Word cometh! This is the climax of the Gospel. This is the perfection of all things. This is the ministry of the seven thunders out of the seventh seal. This is the capstone ministry. The very headstone revival! Praise God! These are the true Seed of God, the multiplication of His Son, and they shall not be heir with the shuck! Who are the shuck? the New Testament Pentecostal Church born on the day of Pentecost. It is the Church of the adopted sons and they cannot inherit together with the true sons of the Word! An adopted son is never a heir of a father! They may be given some gifts, but never the inheritance itself!

Look here. Abraham had not only Ishmael and Isaac, but had other sons by Keturah. Abraham married Keturah, a free woman, after the death of Sarah. So, Ishmael is the type of the bondwoman's children, the children of the law from the Old Testament, the children of the covenant of mount Sinai. Keturah's seed are a type of the children of adoption, the children of the Testament of Adoption called the New Testament. So, that we had the Testament of the law, called the Old Testament, and the Testament of Adoption called the New Testament. Of course an adopted child is free, he is not under the law of bondage, yet he is not the true heir! Beyond Keturah's Seed, there is Isaac a type of the Seed of the true covenant, a covenant of Jerusalem from above.

And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east countryGen 25:5-6

There you are! The husk, not only the shuck, but the whole husk, the carriers of life, from Genesis, through the Old Testament, to the New Testament, shall not be heir together with the Seed. The Seed are children of the very multiplication of the Spoken Word. They are much the Spoken Word as Jesus is!

Look, the Seed of God is singular yet many, just countless. Why? All are one! As countless as the sacks of the harvest of Joseph, the son of prosperity. Gen 41:49  And Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number

That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies... Gen 22:17 

Isaac was only a type. The Seed that is to be as stars for multitude is the Spoken Word. Sown in Genesis, growing through the Old Testament, flowering and putting on the shuck through the New Testament, now it is ready to put on the real corn that was son, not as one but as many, even innumerable, yet they are all one, so they are referred to singularly as the Seed. The harvest is just about, and it is ushered in by latter rain, not just rushes as we have seen it through the New Testament.

There we go! The Spoken Word is the Original Seed, and in the harvest he is like the stars of the firmament and like the sand of the sea, numberless! Innumerable! Uncountable! God typed all these in Genesis Chapter One. For the generations of Genesis Chapter One were a type of the generations of the Spoken Word.

First, God spoke and light sprung out, that light made the day, but Christ, the Spoken Word who is the Original Seed, is the true light of the world, and he shines making the day of the Lord, a morning without clouds, after the showers of latter rain. Then God spoke again and out came a great firmament, as a great scroll to write on, and upon that great curtain of heaven, He finally wrote the multiplied Seed in type. For every true star is a son of God, but they are all one in Christ.

Yes, the Spoken Word is the Original Seed! And this Seed -- one yet innumerable as stars -- shall not be heir with the husk. Not just the Pentecostal Shuck, but the whole Husk from the roots of Genesis, through the Old Testament stalk to the New Testament tassel and shuck, all these shall not be heir with the true sons of God, the sons who are going to be manifested out of the seven thunders by the headstone ministry -- the ministry of divine love! Hallelujah! There they come! Yes, the voice of God upon a flood! Glory to God!

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