Every Seed Brings Forth of its Kind

The Spoken Word is the Original Seed

Every Seed Brings Forth of its Kind

Look! The spoken Word was the Original Seed. What is that Word? The son of God, not the child of God, please! But the only begotten son of God, he is the seed that the Father sowed in the beginning. God’s son was not a child, please! A child is not yet a son. A son is a mature young man! Not a grey-haired old man, no! that is not a son, that is a father. Neither is he a servant, quite far from it! A son is a mature, seasoned, strong young man full of life and strength. That is the seed that God sowed in the beginning.

Then God said, “Let every seed bring forth of its kind.” Amen! There we go! What was sown? A son, mature, strong and seasoned, in the bloom of life, ready to take charge of the affairs of the great house. Now, if he multiplies and finally brings forth of his kind, what do you expect to see? The grey-haired old men of Genesis called the fathers? No! those were the ground in which the seed fell. They were carriers of the seed but not the real seed!

Yes, do you expect to meet servants in their various occupations throughout the Old Testament as the final harvest of what was sown in the ground of Genesis? No sir! The seed that was sown was not a servant under the law. Those are the body that grew from the sown seed, yes, and they are carriers of the life that was in the seed, they carry life, they preserve life, but they are not the very life, neither are they the fruit for harvest. You cannot harvest a husk. They are not the expected harvest!

Then, finally, we meet the Pentecostal children all over the field, real frolic and playful, teasing one another in all their childish affairs, arguing about little things which makes no sense at all, you know, whether we should baptize in the name of Jesus, or father, son and Holy Spirit. Look at how childish they were!

“What is the name of your father?”


My! That is an answer expected from a tattler! Exactly!

No! That is not what was sown. Those are little flowers and tassels from the husk. Little cute gifts looking almost like the very expected sons, but they fall short of it. They can’t take charge of the matters of the kingdom. They are too childish. They can hardly understand it. That is all that the New Testament has been rising. And surely you cannot harvest that as that ripened seed! That is simply a New Testament Pentecostal shuck. They simply wither away. They are carriers of life, but they are not the seed for harvest. They are colourful in their churches, but they have finally dried away as life accumulates into the promised seed for harvest.

And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground [Genesis]; And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade [The Old Testament], then the ear [The New Testament], after that the full corn in the ear [The sons of God]. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come. Mark 4:26-29

There is the scripture for it! There are four stages to the seed that was sown to bring forth the kingdom of God. First, the seed is sown into the ground where it drinks water and breaks out. That is Genesis. Then it brings out a blade. That is the Old Testament. Then next it brings out an ear (the shuck) that is the New Testament church which is all Pentecostal in its origin. All from the apostles to the seventh messenger has been a Pentecostal generation.

Pentecost means jubilee brought about by the Spirit. It does not mean a religion. Notice how the ear (shuck) looks so much like the sown seed, so much so that one will easily confuse it with the actual seed! So are the New Testament saints, they looked so much like the very brethren of Jesus Christ, that it was concluded that they were the sons of God to be manifested. Why? They were the ears! The shuck!

You can’t fail to see that! The parable is clear. There is one more stage ahead. The bringing on of the full corn in the ear. There we go! Sons just exactly like the one who was sown. And when they are thus manifested, he will be among them, and you won’t pick him out of the rest! They will have to introduce you to him. Oh my! That rainbow trout! Out of the seven spouts of thunder! It is beyond language. You have never seen sons of God yet. No! you have seen the ground that received seed, the husk that grew out of the seed and the shuck that appeared from the husk; Genesis, Old Testament and New Testament. None of them is the corn for harvest! The seed shall not be heir with the groundsmen, neither with the husk; nor shall it be heir with the shuck. Behold, one more Gospel dispensation comes. It is out of the seventh seal and brings out those seven consecutive claps of thunder, the spouts of the sons of God.

Now, when the corn fully ripens in the ear, the ear dries and pulls away and we expect to see exactly the same kind of seed as what was sown, not as one but innumerable. For the purpose of sowing him was to multiply him.

No wonder all nature is still travailing, crying earnestly to be delivered. Why? They are full of the life that was sown in them back in Genesis, and they have no rest until they bring forth what went into the ground. What is that? Sons of God! Glory to God. If it is the Word which was sown, then in the harvest you expect the Word! Not grey-haired old men. Not servants under the law. Not little Pentecostal tattlers, ever impersonating each other as children are bound to do. But full-blown sons of God just as the very Word that was sown!

There we are! One more gospel dispensation is ahead, the dispensation of those seven thunders. Not seven churches, no! but the seven-thunder generations! The rainbow trout! The manifestation of the sons of God!

Look! The Gospel of Genesis was the water message preached from Adam until Joseph. It was the gospel of justification by faith, the testimony of water. The Old Testament, starting with Moses, was certainly the gospel of blood. It was based on the blood of sacrifices according to the priesthood of Levi. It all climaxed in Jesus Christ shedding his blood on Calvary. The New Testament has been the Gospel of the Spirit, the Pentecostal Spirit bearing witness of life as it is said, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.” And so, it brought forth an ear upon the husk! The Gentile generation has been of the ear. The sevenfold ear!

These three Gospel dispensations were concluded in Branham who winded up all. Water, Blood, Spirit; Justification, Sanctification and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Luther, Wesley and Pentecost; Genesis, Old Testament and New Testament.

Now, a sevenfold ear brings forth a sevenfold seed in those seven thunders! How perfect! How it dovetails! Don’t you see how God repented in Noah’s days that He had made man on earth? And baptized the whole earth in water, quite an immersion! After that, the Old Testament came on with Moses with a ministry of sacrificing clean beasts at the sanctuary, for sanctification by blood, which finally was fulfilled in Jesus upon the cross. Exactly! And next, the New Testament followed, the Gospel of the Spirit based on the Pentecostal experiences, for where the Spirit is there is liberty. Yea, so clear! Water, Blood and Spirit: these are earthly witnesses. But there remains one more Gospel yet to be preached before the end comes! The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost who are one, witnessing from heaven!